Outdoor Freedom is an endeavor of the Florida Forest Service that provides recreational opportunities to wounded veterans. Participants must be Florida residents (as defined in s. 379.101(30)(b)) who are honorably discharged military veterans with either a service-connected disability rating of 30% or greater from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs or be a Purple Heart recipient.

Events can be accessed from the list, calendar, or map below. Click on the name for basic information. You may apply once for each event.

There are two types of Events:

  1. Guided Events – These events provide complete guide services, housing and all meals. All scouting, equipment, blinds, game processing and any handicapped needs are provided. Mobility assessments are provided for each event.
  2. Unguided Events – These events only provide the area to be used, primitive campsites and portable restroom facilities. The veteran is responsible for all hunting equipment, tents and food. Some events may provide a meal. All scouting and hunting is the responsibility of the veteran. Each veteran is allowed to bring one non-hunting assistant with them. Assistant may go on the hunt and help but is not allowed to use the weapon.

There are two different processes for applying:

  1. Participants are selected for many events, both guided and unguided, by a random selection process within the application software. These events will have a link marked “Apply” for online registration. If you are not a registered user, you will be prompted to register with a user name and login before you can apply for the event. After applying for an event, the right hand column of the list below will change from “apply” to “cancel”. Select cancel to remove your name from the event. You may cancel your registration at any time.
  2. For some guided events, the participant selection is made by a participating veteran’s organization and is distinguished by a “Contact Us” link. Selecting this option will produce a window with contact information. Clicking on the email address within this window will allow you to fill out your information and send it to the contact for that event. To withdraw your application, please contact the respective veteran’s organization contact person.

Participants will be selected to participate in only one event unless there are unfilled slots available at other events for which you have applied. Selected participants will be notified 30 days prior to the event. Event coordinators will provide event details, contact information and answer any questions. You will be asked to provide proof of 30% disability rating or Purple Heart credentials by email within five days of selection notification.

Event Location Begins at Ends at
Blackwater Muzzleloader 2020 Blackwater River State Forest 02/18/20 2:00 PM 02/21/20 12:00 PM POINT (-86.802885922729516 30.773006480772324)
Lake Frances Fishing Event 2020 Other Public Land
Registration Closed
02/26/20 7:30 AM 02/26/20 2:00 PM POINT (-82.5987936575069 28.158729529593007)
Four Rivers Timber Hog Hunt Private Land
Registration Closed
02/28/20 2:00 PM 03/01/20 12:00 PM POINT (-83.403180555555565 30.118044444444443)
MacDill AFB Saltwater Fishing Event Other Public Land
Registration Closed
02/28/20 3:00 PM 02/29/20 4:00 PM POINT (-82.486863888888891 27.837672222222221)
BABCOCK TURKEY HUNT (SHORT NOTICE) Other Public Land 03/06/20 12:00 PM 03/08/20 12:00 PM Apply POINT (-81.758759 26.885305)
Hollinswood Ranch Hog Hunt and Bass Fishing Private Land
Registration Closed
03/06/20 5:00 PM 03/08/20 8:00 AM POINT (-82.3889887252496 28.975955946992329)
PRSF Turkey Hunt Peace River State Forest
Registration not yet open
03/08/20 5:00 PM 03/12/20 12:00 PM POINT (-81.961242016618343 27.160951372665092)
Peace River Warrior Challenge Other Public Land 03/09/20 6:00 AM 03/12/20 12:00 PM Apply POINT (-81.889266666666671 27.229277777777774)
SHELL MOUND HOG HUNT/FISHING Other Public Land 03/11/20 12:00 PM 03/13/20 12:00 PM Apply POINT (-83.069051948092778 29.20679709984778)
Gilley Creek Turkey Hunt Private Land
Registration not yet open
03/20/20 12:00 PM 03/22/20 12:00 PM POINT (-82.290344902584764 27.512951856653746)
Camp Prairie Turkey Hunt Sponsored by Wounded WarriorSportsman Fund Lake Wales Ridge State Forest 03/20/20 3:00 PM 03/22/20 12:00 PM Apply POINT (-81.285 27.848055555555554)
Volusia Turkey Hunt Other Public Land 03/23/20 12:00 PM 03/26/20 7:00 PM Apply POINT (-81.352861749999988 29.133562333333334)
VIETNAM VETERANS ONLY Lake X Turkey Hunt. Private Land 03/24/20 2:00 PM 03/26/20 12:00 PM Apply POINT (-81.1227351111111 28.218029444444443)
SJRWMD Sunnyhill Turkey Hunt Other Public Land 03/26/20 12:00 PM 03/28/20 3:00 PM Apply POINT (-81.832623444444437 28.993002888888888)
Air-Ops Spring Turkey Hunt Private Land 03/27/20 12:00 PM 03/29/20 3:00 PM Apply POINT (-82.044997222222221 29.838833333333334)
2020 OSSF Spring Gobbler Hunt Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest 03/27/20 4:00 PM 03/29/20 3:00 PM Apply POINT (-81.334744440835735 26.595769451748644)
Polk City Bow fishing Other Public Land 04/03/20 6:00 PM 04/04/20 10:00 AM Apply POINT (-81.894714861111112 28.142945861111112)
2020 Satsuma Spring Turkey Hunt Belmore State Forest 04/17/20 2:00 PM 04/19/20 12:00 PM Apply POINT (-81.9321076388889 29.981738805555555)
NLSF Turkey 2020 Newnans Lake State Forest 04/17/20 3:00 PM 04/19/20 10:00 AM Apply POINT (-82.26184244444444 29.673537333333336)
WWSF/Grape Hammock Fishing Event Sponsered by Wounded Warrior Sportsman Fund Other Public Land 04/17/20 3:00 PM 04/19/20 12:00 PM Apply POINT (-81.285 27.848055555555554)
WRB Turkey Hunt Other Public Land 04/24/20 10:00 AM 04/26/20 12:00 PM Apply POINT (-82.054439777777773 28.32207413888889)
2020 PK Turkey Hunt Withlacoochee Withlacoochee State Forest 04/24/20 2:30 PM 04/26/20 12:00 PM Apply POINT (-82.220688888888887 28.55651388888889)
Islamorada Florida Keys Fishing Other Public Land 09/22/20 12:00 PM 09/25/20 12:00 PM Apply POINT (-80.6395227717583 24.915016662696072)